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  • Royal Flush Asia
    Royal Flush Asia aims to become the forum for all poker enthusiasts throughout Asia (whether, for example, you are in Singapore, Philippines., Hong Kong, Malaysia and even Australia and New Zealand). For the best online poker rooms, poker chips and Texas Hold'em No Limit poker news for Asia and the Asia Pacific.
  • Chinese Poker Forum
    All the poker information you would want in Chinese. Meet new people and get to know your fellow Chinese poker players.
  • CnPokerBlog - Authoritative Chinese Poker Blog
    Personal Poker Blog by "King Shark catcher (PokerStars Chinese blogger).
  • Paiji - Chinese Poker Skill Research Society
    Authoritative non-profit academic institution focusing on poker skills, mahjong skills, etc.
  • Gongzhu Poker Strategy
    Gongzhu poker technique, skill, strategy, and discussion, etc.