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  • HoldemHand Analysis
    Aims at analyzing hold'em hands and how to play them. Good idea, but not good execution on the site, yet.
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  • Hutchison point count system - Omaha
    Edward Hutchison has devised this starting hand point ranking system. Here is Omaha High-Low. Links to Edward's pages on Omaha High and Texas Hold'em (both the usual High and High-Low)
  • helps the average player become a winning player by one on one poker coaching. Each PokerNoise member receives their own poker coach. Each new member receives a 20 page E-book that was created by the coaches. The coaches at have been teaching winning online poker for the past two years. In fact, they now have over 1000 students worldwide.
  • Pot Odds Calculator offer a beginners guide to texas holdem poker. A collection of handy articles for the newbie player and a top list of poker rooms with reviews. The site also contains a Pot Odds Calculator for Texas Hold 'Em. Enter your hole cards, then the flop and get odds of improving your hand. Enter the turn card for revised odds. Also works out minimum pot size needed for you to have pot odds when calling. Recommended.